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New format, reorganised content, financial independence and questions about future funding.
  • Following the termination of the educational grant kindly provided by Pierre Fabre Medicament, has become independent of any industrial support. To reflect this, Chantal, my co-editor, and I have undertaken a major refit of the site. This includes a new "look" and, more importantly, a restructuring of the content keeping only the more popular items. Instead of a fixed update period the site wil be updated whenever any new material is available. You can keep informed through our RSS feed or by subscribing to this newsletter.
  • We will be happy to publish articles written by our visitors whether health professionals, patients or their families. All articles will be reviewed by the editors (possibly with the help of outside experts) who will decide on whether to publish them or not.
  • Please let us know which contents you find interesting and what else you would like to see. Send us tips on sources of information that may be helpful to us. In fact, any feedback will be very welcome.
  • The future of the site is financially assured until the end of 2017. I am looking into new sources of funding for the future. An option would be support from various universities and non-industrial institutions. Total annual funding of at least 3000 euros will ensure the continuity of the site. If your institution could help us by providing a small donation please contact me. Plan B will be to attempt 'crowd funding' whereby anyone could contribute whatever they wish to keep the site running and free. Any other ideas for financing are welcome especially if backed by your own favourable experience.
  • We have currently about 35 000 visitors per month so I am confident that we will find a way of perpetuating the site.

    Mike Briley (Editor) April 2017

Latest additions to the site
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A new Brainstorm article by Stephen Stahl Psychiatric Pharmacogenomics
Added April 2017

A new video from the University of London, UK De-escalating a potentially violent situation with someone who is psychotic
Added April 2017

Another new video from the University of London, UK How to undertake a suicide risk assessment in an inpatient setting
Added April 2017

A new psychiatric scale on suicide Suicidal Ideation Attributes Scale (SIDAS)
Added April 2017

A new anxiety/worry scale The Penn State Worry Questionnaire (PSWQ)
Added April 2017

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