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Editorial Board

Editorial Board
Mike Isaac MA MB BS MRCPsych MAE
Consultant Physician & Senior Lecturer in Psychological Medicine; Co-Director, Psy-chopharmacology Evaluation Unit, South London & Maudsley NHS Trust; Institute of Psychiatry, University of London, UK.
Mike Isaac trained in medicine at St Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College, London, in Pathology & Neuropathology at the University of Glasgow and in Psychiatry & Neuropsychiatry at Bethlem Royal, Maudsley & National Hospitals, London.
His research interests include mood disorders, stress, occupational psychiatry, discrimination & bullying at work, head injury and schizophrenia; pharmaco-economics, research bioethics and medical decision making. He is also interested in nutritional aspects of mood and other psychiatric disorders. His book "Eat Yourself Happy" was published in 2004.
He has wide experience as an expert witness in psychiatry and is a member Academy of Experts, American Academy of Psychiatry & Law as well as many other international psychiatric associations.
He has published numerous review and research articles in peer-reviewed journals. He has also broadcast frequently on radio and televison in the UK.
Jean-Pierre Olié MD.
Chef de Service at the Sainte-Anne Hospital, Paris; Professor of Psychiatry at the Faculty of Medicine, Paris - Cochin, France and Psychiatry Expert to the French Court of Justice
Jean-Pierre Olié trained in medicine at the Lariboisière Hospital, Paris specialising in psychiatry at the same hospital.
His research interests include the actions of psychotropic medication, schizophrenia and bipolar disorders.
He is past president of the French Association of Biological Psychiatry and was a founding member of the French Federation of Psychiatry. He was chairman of the organising committee of the 24th Collegium Internationale Neuro-Psychopharmacologicum (CINP) meeting in Paris (2004).
He has published over 400 research publications and reviews and is currently editor-in-chief of the journal l'Encephale. He has written or coauthored 15 books, several for them for the general public including "Les Maladies Dépressives" published in 2003.
Stephen Stahl MD, PhD
Chairman, Neuroscience Education Institute, Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry, University of California at San Diego, USA
Stephen Stahl received his medical degrees from Northwestern University, Chicago and his PhD in pharmacology and physiology from the University of Chicago. Specialty training: neurology, University of California, San Francisco; psychiatry, Stanford University, Palo Alto. He has held faculty positions at Stanford University, University of California, Los Angeles, Institute of Psychiatry and the Institute of Neurology, London. He was Executive Director of Clinical Neurosciences at the Merck Neuroscience Research Center in the UK for several years.
Currently, he is dedicated to producing and disseminating information about psychiatric and neurological diseases and their treatments, with a special emphasis on multimedia and the Internet.
He has published over 350 articles including the famous Brainstorms series in J. Clinical Psychiatry. He is author or editor of numerous books, including the best-selling textbook "Essential Psychopharmacology" and most recently "Essential Psychopharmacology Prescriber's Guide." He has given numerous and has produced many award-winning CD-ROMs, Internet educational programs, videotapes, audiotapes, and programmed home study texts in many different languages for continuing medical education.
Managing Editor
Mike Briley BSc PhD (
Consultant in Psychiatry and Neurology (NeuroBiz Consulting & Communications), Castres, France.
He obtained his BSc and PhD in Biochemistry, University of Bath, UK and then carried out basic research in neurochemistry and neuropharmacology at Faculty of Medicine, Buenos Aires, Argentina and the Pasteur Institute, Paris, France. He held various research, marketing and communications positions in the pharmaceutical industry (Synthélabo, Paris and Pierre Fabre, Castres, France).
He has published over 200 research papers and 11 books including "Understanding Antidepressants". He has organised numerous international scientific meetings and has lectured widely. He was managing editor of the anglo-japanese educational psychiatry website 'Depression-Webworld' (no longer available).
He has also published two novels - see his website for details
Assistant Editor
Chantal Moret BPharm PhD (
Consultant in Psychopharmacology and Neuropharmacology (NeuroBiz Consulting & Communications), Castres, France.
With a BPharm (Paris) and PhD in Pharmacology (Toulouse), she has carried out basic and applied research in neurochemistry and neuropharmacology in the pharmaceutical industry with Servier (Paris), Synthélabo (Paris) and Pierre Fabre (Castres, France).
She has published over 100 research papers and has participated in numerous international scientific meetings.

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