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This section groups together slides found on the Internet which may be of interest for those giving lectures or courses on neurobiology, psychiatry and psychopharmacology.

The source of the slides, if known, is acknowledged in the table and often on the first slide. If you use these slides it is your responsibility to acknowledge the original source and

These slides are all in Powerpoint format

If you wish to make your own slides available to your colleagues, please send them to me by e-mail.



Introduction to Neuroanatomy
download (part 1) (2786 ko)
download (part 2) (2547 ko)
download (part 3) (2880 ko)

43 slides: Basic introduction to the anatomy of the human nervous system with lots of diagrams and photos.

Dr Julian Millar

Basic human neuroanatomy
download (460 Ko)

23 slides: a basic introduction to the anatomy of the human nervous system with various photos and sections with areas indicated by numbers

Dr A. Banerjee, University of Florida

Synaptic transmission
download (375 Ko)

42 slides: a basic introduction to synaptic transmission

St. Ambrose University

download (103 Ko)

36 slides: a basic introduction to neurotransmitters

St. Ambrose University

Circadian rhythms:sleep-waking cycle
download (part 1) (1734 Ko)
download (part 2) (1896 Ko)

49 slides: a full lecture rich with diagrammes and other illustrations

Dr J.A. Pineda, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Introduction to Neurobiology, Memory and Learning
download (584 Ko)

12 slides with commentary: a basic introduction for students


Neurobiology of Emotional Memory
download (part 1) (2621 Ko)
download (part 2) (2690 Ko)
download (part 3) (1967 Ko)

42 slides: a full lecture with many diagrams and brain images

Dr Tony Buchanan, University of Iowa


Parkinson's disease
download (1.7 Mo)

67 slides: (text and diagrams) - basic introduction

Dr Paul Jones, School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Edinburgh

Updated August 2009
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