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The Neuroscience Education Institute (NEI), created by Dr Stephen M. Stahl, publishes a monthly newsletter Psychopharmacology Educational Update (PsychEd Up). is privileged to be able to bring you each month a selection of articles from this newsletter written by Dr Stahl and his colleagues at NEI.

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Dr Stephen M. Stahl

Essential PsychopharmaStahlogy:
Let Them Eat Generics - can one atypical antipsychotic substitute for another
Fixing Pharma and the Feds - What the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA can do to restore their reputations
Strategies for Innovating New Treatments in Psychiatry - Are active enantiomers, controlled-release technologies, and active metabolites gimmicks or incremental advances?
Prescribing Off-Label in Psychopharmacology - Is it the exception or the rule?
Symptoms and Circuits - Deconstructing psychiatric disorders to achieve remission
Will CATIE Change Your Practice? - A recent head-to-head study of antipsychotics may raise more questions than it answers
Processes Influencing Wakefulness - an excerpt from S. Stahl's book Sleep: Excessive Sleepiness

Second Messenger:
Thomas Edison's Legacy - dealing with sleep problems in shift workers
Relatively Speaking, How Odd Can Hazards be? - Interpreting the odds ratio
The Prostate Apoptosis Response 4 (PAR-4) - A new role for an old protein in depression
Worried Sick: Antidepressants as Anti-Inflammatory Agents - Anxiety and depression: It’s not just in your head
The Mystery of Fibromyalgia - Part 1: Is fibromyalgia real pain, and what causes it?
The Mystery of Fibromyalgia - Part 2: What drugs are effective in treating fibromyalgia and how do they work?
Educational Outcomes - The goals of continuing medical education

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