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Trends in Psychopharmacology
Stephen Stahl

This series was discontinued in 2011


Trends in Psychopharmacology is a bimonthly column by Stephen Stahl published by CNS Spectrums that covers important and emerging areas from the field of psychopharmacology in a brief easy to understand format.
In collaboration with CNS Spectrums the full pdf files of these columns are provided free.

21. The Mechanism of Drug-induced Akathisia (co-authored with Anton J.M. Loonen) - January 2011 Download PDF

20. Play it Again: The Master Psychopharmacology Program as an Example of Interval Learning in Bite-Sized Portions - August 2010 Download PDF

19. Fooling Mother Nature: Epigenetics and Novel Treatments for Psychiatric Disorders - June 2010 Download PDF

18. Enhancing Outcomes from Major Depression: Using Antidepressant Combination Therapies with Multifunctional Pharmacologic Mechanisms from the Initiation of Treatment - March 2010 Download PDF

17. Crisis in Army Psychopharmacology and Mental Health Care at Fort Hood - January 2010 Download PDF

16. Mechanism of Action of Trazodone: a Multifunctional Drug - November 2009 Download PDF

15. Applying the Principles of Adult Learning to the Teaching of Psychopharmacology: Audience Response Systems (co-authored with Richard L. Davis) - August 2009 Download PDF

14. Applying the Principles of Adult Learning to the Teaching of Psychopharmacology: Storyboarding a Presentation and the Rule of Small Multiples (co-authored with Richard L. Davis) - June 2009 Download PDF

13. Applying the Principles of Adult Learning to the Teaching of Psychopharmacology: Overview and Finding the Focus (co-authored with Richard L. Davis) - April 2009 Download PDF

12. Multifunctional Drugs: A Novel Concept for Psychopharmacology - January 2009 Download PDF

11. Selective Histamine H1 Antagonism: Novel Hypnotic and Pharmacologic Actions Challenge Classical Notions of Antihistamines - December 2008 Download PDF

10. Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors: A Modern Guide to an Unrequited Class of Antidepressants - September 2008 Download PDF

9. Tailoring Treatment of Depression for Women Across the Reproductive Lifecycle: The Importance of Pregnancy, Vasomotor Symptoms, and Other Estrogen-Related Events in Psychopharmacology - August 2008 Download PDF

8. The Potential Role of a Corticotropin-Releasing Factor Receptor-1 Antagonist in Psychiatric Disorders - June 2008 Download PDF

7. Do Dopamine Partial Agonists Have Partial Efficacy as Antipsychotics? - April 2008 Download PDF

6. Personalized Medicine, Pharmacogenomics, and the Practice of Psychiatry: On the Threshold of Predictive Therapeutics in Psychopharmacology? - January 2008 Download PDF

5. Novel Therapeutics for Depression: L-methylfolate as a Trimonoamine Modulator and Antidepressant-Augmenting Agent - October 2007 Download PDF

4. The Genetics of Schizophrenia converge upon the NMDA glutamate receptor - August 2007 Download PDF

3. Novel Therapeutics for Schizophrenia: Targeting Glycine Modulation of NMDA Glutamate Receptors - June 2007 Download PDF

2. Beyond the dopamine hypothesis to the NMDA glutamate receptor hypofunction hypothesis of schizophrenia - April 2007 Download PDF

1. Overview of trends in modern psychopharmacology - February 2007 Download PDF

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