A sense of family is often the most powerful force holding our lives together. The bonds we forge with our closest relatives allow us to overcome our biggest challenges and become the strongest, kindest, and happiest versions of ourselves. These connections are especially important for children who count on the love of their parents and siblings as they grow into competent adults.

While maintaining familial harmony is difficult under any circumstances, it can be especially challenging for blended families, or families made up of children from previous relationships. Stepmoms and stepdads can provide the same love and care as biological parents, but it often takes extra work to overcome lingering resentments and forge meaningful relationships. If your blended family is struggling to come together, it might be time to consider counseling.

Professional therapists understand the psychology of family dynamics. They’ve brought blended families closer before, and they can your family do the same. From promoting meaningful dialogue to creating strategies for improving relationships, a blended family counselor will do what it takes to create a stronger family unit.

If you think counseling is too time-consuming for your busy family or if you doubt you’ll find a competent therapist in your area, then it’s worth giving online therapy a try. Online providers like ReGain and Faithful Counseling can match your family with an experienced therapist and allow you to seek counseling on your own terms. Whether you’d prefer general counseling with ReGain or a Christian approach from Faithful Counseling, online therapy can help you create the tight-knit family you’ve always wanted.

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Best online provider of blended family counseling: ReGain

If you think online counseling is right for your blended family, then you can’t go wrong by purchasing a subscription from ReGain. This respected platform has mastered the art of online counseling. The system uses your stated preferences and background information to match you with the perfect accredited therapist for your case. From there, they’ll give you a private chat room where you can communicate with your counselor at your convenience. This winning format pairs the effectiveness of traditional counseling with the ease and simplicity of an online service.

Stepfamily counseling with ReGain: The basics

ReGain’s system is designed to make stepfamily counseling as easy as it is transformational. The subscription service gives you the freedom to stay on the platform only so long as you feel it’s necessary. The large pool of accredited counselors ensures that you’ll be matched with someone perfectly suited to the unique characteristics of your family’s situation. Once you’re in the chat room, you’ll be able to speak openly and honestly with your special therapist. These conversations will allow you to build a positive relationship with the counselor and learn effective strategies for strengthening familial bonds. Before you know it, your blended family will be closer than you had ever imagined. To start working toward such incredible results, sign up for the platform today.

Step one: Signing up

All you have to do to get started on ReGain is sign up for the platform online. During the registration process, you’ll describe briefly who you are and what you’re hoping to get out of the process. This information will allow ReGain to match you with a therapist who’s appropriate for your situation. If you’re specifically interested in blended family therapy, you’ll receive a therapist with experience in that particular area.

Step two: Joining your therapist in a private chat room

As long as you’re on ReGain, you’ll be able to communicate with your therapist through a private chat room. This digital space is meant to recreate the counselor’s office you’d visit in traditional, in-person therapy. You’ll use the space to share stories about your family’s circumstances and receive recommendations from your therapist. You’ll have access to the chat whenever you’d like, even if your therapist isn’t online. This constant availability gives you the flexibility to contribute to the conversation at your convenience.

Step three: Working towards lasting solutions

The private chat room will give everyone involved a chance to speak openly and grow together. One of the main benefits of therapy is that it provides people with a safe space to express their thoughts and feelings. The therapist will ask simple questions that let everyone understand the perspectives of other members of the family. From there, the therapist can discuss potential improvements, which could consist of tweaks to a weekly routine, new parenting styles, or a simple commitment to honest communication. Over time, this combination of open dialogue and lasting solutions will bring meaningful results for your family.

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What makes ReGain’s blended family counseling stand out

What makes ReGain’s blended family counseling stand out

ReGain might not be the only general therapy service on the web, but it’s certainly the best for blended family counseling. From the excellence of the therapists to the convenience provided by the chat room format, every aspect of the platform sets it apart from the competition. When you register for blended family therapy on ReGain, you’re setting yourself up for a positive counseling experience.

Accredited therapists

ReGain won’t let any old therapist on the platform. All counselors are experienced, well educated, and fully licensed in their states. This ensures you receive the quality of service you’d expect from a professional therapist. A talented counselor will facilitate a more meaningful, productive conversation and offer more insightful comments on the state of your family’s relationships. This high-quality feedback will allow you to get more out of the counseling process.

Ease of access

ReGain’s chat room format gives you the type of access to your counselor that you would never dream of having with traditional, in-person therapy. You can enter the chat room to read old messages or post new comments whenever you want. Whether you’re struggling with a thought in the middle of the night or think of something you’d like to say while on a bathroom break at work, you’ll be able to fire off a message while the idea is fresh. You’ll also be able to look back at your therapist’s words for inspiration whenever the going gets tough. In a sense, you’ll carry your counselor around in your pocket wherever you go.

Fair business practices

ReGain is designed to help people lead better lives, not gouge clients. The company demonstrates its professionalism and credibility throughout the counseling process. When you first sign up for the platform, you won’t be charged until you’re actually given a therapist to work with. If at any point you’d like to switch to a new counselor, you can do so at no additional charge. You can also cancel your subscription at a moment’s notice when you decide to leave the platform. All these policies demonstrate ReGain’s genuine commitment to its clients.

Pricing for ReGain

ReGain’s subscriptions cost between $60 and $90 per week. You can use Paypal or a credit card to pay, and you’ll be charged automatically once every four weeks. This remarkably low price is another benefit online counseling has over traditional therapy.

Best christian-focused blended family therapy: Faithful Counseling

For blended families of faith, the Christian-based approach to therapy offered by Faithful Counseling may be especially effective. The platform’s expert therapists combine a clinical knowledge of psychology with a spiritual appreciation for the power of faith. Counseling on the platform will invoke God, the Bible, and the tenets of Christianity to help bring your blended family together.

Faithful Counseling sets itself apart from similar services by offering clients four ways to communicate with therapists. Instant messaging is ideal for sending quick updates or opinions, while the live chat feature allows longer conversations to develop. For a truly in-depth discussion, you can also schedule phone calls or video conferences. This variety of communication methods allows you to create a counseling experience that hews to your personal preferences.

Many practicing Christians find that a faith-based approach allows them to get the most out of the counseling experience. If God is a primary influence in your life, you should seek a therapist who understands how faith affects individual well-being and interpersonal relationships. The spiritually informed therapists at Faithful Counseling will appreciate how God and the Bible can help strengthen your blended family.

Pricing for faithful counseling

As long as you’re using Faithful Counseling, you’ll be automatically charged $60 to $90 per week. This fee gives you unlimited access to the platform and allows you to communicate with your counselor by whichever of the four available methods you choose. For the price of online counseling, you’ll receive the type of direct contact with your therapist typically reserved for expensive in-person therapy.

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Conclusion: Seek blended family counseling online

There’s no reason your blended family can’t form the loving bonds you’ve always dreamed of. The key is simply to take the right approach. Experienced counselors can mediate a powerful conversation and help blended families create the habits of thought and behavior that engender lasting connections. In the internet era, you don’t even have to leave your home to get the counseling you need. With platforms like ReGain and Faithful Counseling at your disposal, a stronger, more loving family is within your reach.



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