No matter how much two people love and respect each other, issues are almost certain to arise in a relationship. If they become too severe, problems like constant tension, faulty communication, and a lack of sexual desire can make it hard for the romantic partnership to survive, let alone thrive as you want it to. Luckily, there’s a way to reinforce and strengthen a deteriorating relationship: couples consulting.

If a relationship is truly worth saving, you should do everything you can to keep it intact. Couples consulting is a proven method for improving communication and resolving once and for all the festering issues ruining a relationship. By hashing out your innermost feelings in the company of a trained therapist, you’ll be able to renew the intimate connections at the center of your love and affection.

Many people don’t have time for weekly therapy sessions. Remote counseling provides an easy and convenient alternative. Online services like ReGain, Faithful Counseling, and Pride Counseling match clients with accredited therapists whose talents and expertise correspond to the situation at hand. Modern technology provides sufficient modes of communication for recreating the dynamics of traditional therapy in a virtual setting. If you’re truly committed to strengthening your relationship and feeling closer than ever to your partner, signing up for an online couples counseling platform is an obvious step to take.

Online Couples Consulting With ReGain

Of all the online counseling services available on the web, ReGain is the best overall option for most couples. The platform provides both experienced, accredited counselors and a sensible, user-friendly system, all at a remarkably affordable price. Whether you’re hoping to strengthen a sturdy partnership or bring a moribund relationship back from the brink, ReGain’s model offers the type of professional assistance you need.

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How ReGain Works

ReGain operates by matching clients with an accredited therapist from their platform and then providing them with a private chat room for regular communication. When signing up for the service, you’ll share relevant information regarding your relationship and what you’re hoping to get from the consulting process. ReGain uses your responses to find a therapist who’s appropriate for your case. Once you’ve been matched with a counselor, you’ll receive your private chat room and your paid subscription will begin.

You and your partner will both have constant access to the private chat. This allows a deep, meaningful conversation to develop naturally. Instead of sitting down for an intense, hour-long discussion, you’ll be able to exchange messages at your preferred pace. The counselor will use the chat room to encourage and mediate a constructive dialogue, occasionally offering tips and strategies for overcoming persistent issues and strengthening your relationship.

What Makes ReGain Ideal for Online Couples Consulting

What Makes ReGain Ideal for Online Couples Consulting

ReGain is an excellent counseling service because it makes high-quality therapy more accessible than it’s ever been before. Instead of having to coordinate with your partner and travel far and wide to a therapist’s office, you’ll be able to receive meaningful counseling while going about your standard routine. You can send or read messages while sitting on the bus or taking a break from work. You can ignore your therapist when everything’s going well and barrage them with messages during a crisis. This flexibility is an inherent component of the remote counseling model that ReGain has so comprehensively mastered.

ReGain also goes above and beyond to maximize the effectiveness of its service. Counselors are held to high standards and carefully vetted to ensure clients receive the high-quality care they deserve. Sensitive data is carefully guarded and all messages are fully encrypted to avoid embarrassing leaks. Subscriptions are easily cancellable, allowing clients to abandon the service whenever they see fit. Such professionalism and attention to detail sets ReGain apart from similar online providers.

Pricing for ReGain

ReGain charged clients between $60 and $90 for a week of online consulting. You can pay with Paypal or a credit card, and the system charges you automatically every four weeks. You can cancel your subscription at any moment, giving you the flexibility to determine the duration of your time on the platform.

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Faithful Counseling: Couples Therapy for Practicing Christians

If faith is a major part of your life and a significant influence on your relationship, you should consider opting for the spiritually informed couples consulting offered by Faithful Counseling. This service offers all the benefits of traditional counseling with an added religious component. All counselors on the platform are practicing Christians themselves, and they understand how faith impacts a relationship. Working with a consultant who shares a religious worldview will make it easier to talk about the main problems at the heart of your romantic partnership.

What is Faithful Counseling?

Faithful Counseling is an online service that connects Christian couples with spiritually informed therapists. Upon signing up for the platform, you and your partner will be matched with a Christian counselor. From there, you’ll be free to talk with your therapist through instant messaging, live chats, phone calls, and video conferences.

Faithful Counseling prides itself on the availability of its therapists. You can reach out throughout the week and schedule calls or conferences whenever you feel it’s time for an in-depth conversation. Your counselor will use this time to talk about the struggles you face as a couple, and they’ll always be prepared to bring God and the Bible into the discussion. If this sounds like the version of therapy best suited to your needs, sign up for the platform today.

Pros and Cons of Faithful Counseling

The main advantage of Faithful Counseling for practicing Christians is the combination of clinical expertise with spiritual knowledge. The counselors on the platform are fully accredited just like typical therapists, and they also understand the ins and outs of the Christian faith. This makes them uniquely qualified to help a Christian couple overcome the obstacles in their relationship.

The one caveat with the contractors on Faithful Counseling is that they’re licensed therapists, not full-fledged spiritual advisors. If you’re looking for a mentor who will focus primarily on spiritual concerns, you’re better off speaking with a pastor or priest.

Pricing for Faithful Counseling

Faithful Counseling costs $60-$90 per week. This weekly subscription gives clients the right to send messages as often as they’d like and schedule phone calls and video conferences throughout the day. That level of access is astonishing considering the fairness of the price.

Pride Counseling for LGBT Couples

Pride Counseling for LGBT Couples

For online couples therapy specially geared toward members of the LGBT community, Pride Counseling is undoubtedly the best service on the market. The platform’s accredited therapists have vast experience working with LGBT folks, and many of them are gay or transgender themselves. This shared understanding makes it easier to talk about the distinct challenges that gay couples typically face.

Once Pride Counseling has matched you with a therapist, you’ll be free to communicate with them via messages, phone calls, and video meetings. This variety of options ensures that you can connect with your therapist in the way that you and your partner are most comfortable with. As you share your story and explain your relationship issues, the therapist will encourage a fruitful conversation and steer you toward possible solutions. If couples consulting with an LGBT focus is what you’re after, don’t hesitate to sign up for the platform.

Pros and Cons of Pride Counseling

The best part of Pride Counseling for gay couples is the knowledge and experience of the counselors. Members of the LGBT community often face unique challenges within relationships, from discrimination in public places to differing conceptions of what it means to be queer. These are delicate issues, and it’s easier to talk about them with someone who truly understands. With Pride Counseling, you can count on having a therapist with whom you share a vocabulary and a certain perspective.

The only potential downside of Pride Counseling is its entirely remote format. While many gay couples enjoy the convenience and comfort of online counseling, others prefer the intimacy of in-person sessions. If you think it’s important to actually be in the same room as your counselor, you’re better off looking for another option.

Pricing for Pride Counseling

A week on Pride Counseling costs between $60 and $90, and you can maintain your subscription for as long as you’d like. While some folks feel just a few weeks is enough to resolve their main relationship issues, others prefer to prolong their time on the platform. Pride Counseling’s subscription model allows you to decide what timeframe is right for your needs.

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Conclusion: Online Couples Consulting Can Save Your Relationship

If your relationship is on the rocks and you’re struggling to sort things out for yourselves, it’s probably time to consult with an expert. Licensed therapists have the knowledge and experience necessary to facilitate a more productive conversation between you and your partner. Online platforms like ReGain, Faithful Counseling, and Pride Counseling are revolutionizing the world of therapy by offering clients remote access to accredited professionals. You can take the first step toward a stronger, healthier relationship by signing up for one of these platforms today.

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