The bond between a mother and a daughter can be one of the most powerful adhesives in the world, but that doesn’t mean the relationship is always easy. Navigating the simultaneous challenges of motherhood and childhood creates tension that doesn’t disappear when the child becomes an adult. The constant interplay of love, power, and complicated social roles leaves both parties vulnerable to negative emotions.

If you’re convinced you and your daughter or mother will never learn to get along on your own, there’s no need to accept your fate. Sometimes, all that’s required is a bit of professional assistance. Trained counselors know how to identify pressure points and reduce tension. Speaking with a counselor regularly can help you overcome the persistent issues that are holding your relationship back.

Being too busy for weekly in-person sessions doesn’t put the benefits of counseling out of reach. In today’s world, you can use the internet to access the mother-daughter counseling you need right in your living room. Online services like BetterHelp, ReGain, and Faithful Counseling provide all the benefits of traditional counseling at a fraction of the cost. The professional help you need to restore your mother-daughter relationship is just a few clicks away.

Premier mother-daughter counseling service: BetterHelp

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Premier mother-daughter counseling service: BetterHelp

If you’re looking for a reputable online therapy provider to help with your mother-daughter relationship, BetterHelp is a great place to start. There’s no doubt that this is the best overall counseling service available on the web. The professional therapists are renowned for their knowledge, relatability, and credentials, while the platform is designed with the client’s every need in mind. The service allows you to receive counseling on your own terms, giving you the power to create a personalized model that works for you. If you give BetterHelp a try, you’ll likely become one of the platform’s many satisfied users.

How the service works

Upon signing up for BetterHelp, you’ll provide some basic details about your mother-daughter relationship and the issues you’ve been facing. BetterHelp will use this information to match you with one of their accredited, experienced therapists. This counselor will work with you and your mother or daughter for as long as you’re on the platform unless you request a change.

Once you’ve been assigned a therapist, you can communicate with them according to your preferences. The platform provides four methods of communication: instant messages, live chat, phone calls, and video conferences. You can use any or all of these methods as much or as little as you’d like. This variety of choices and the flexibility it provides sets BetterHelp apart from similar online providers.

Whatever forms of communication you decide to use, your counselor will make an effort to encourage an honest, productive conversation. If everyone shares exactly what’s going on and how it makes them feel, it will be easier for the therapist to understand what’s causing the tension in the relationship. From there, you will discuss strategies for diffusing conflict and building mutual support. Sign up for the platform to see if this process works for you.

Why it’s the best

BetterHelp sets itself apart from the competition by making excellent counselors available on an easy-to-use platform. All the counselors are experienced therapists with advanced degrees and state licenses. Much more than mere letters on a page, these credentials demonstrate that the counselors have the necessary know-how to properly handle your case. They’ve been around the block dozens of times before, and nothing you say will catch them by surprise. This is the type of experienced advisor that can have a genuine impact on a mother-daughter relationship.

There’s a reason most of BetterHelp’s clients prefer the platform to in-person counseling. The system lets you make the most of the remote counseling model. You’ll have constant access to your counselor, and you’ll determine the length and frequency of your interactions. This flexibility allows you to build your counseling around busy schedules. By taking the stress out of the process, BetterHelp ensures that therapy reduces tension rather than adding to it.


BetterHelp’s mother-daughter counseling service costs between $60 and $90 per week. You’ll provide a credit card or Paypal account when you begin your subscription, and the system will charge you every four weeks. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

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Other options for mother-daughter counseling

While BetterHelp is the best overall counseling platform available on the web, it’s far from the only option. ReGain, with a special focus on relationships, and Faithful Counseling, with its Christian approach, are great for anyone who would prefer the attention of a specialist. Some mother-daughter relationships are defined by the context of the family’s habits or beliefs. A therapist from a service like ReGain or Faithful Counseling will bring specialized knowledge to the conversation. Sometimes, this refined attention is what makes the counseling process successful.

ReGain: Online counseling with focus on relationships

For online counseling that specializes in the nuances and challenges of human relationships, ReGain is the best virtual platform on the market. With a system that’s similar to BetterHelp’s model, ReGain matches its clients with a particular therapist. From there, the clients are assigned a private chatroom for communicating with the therapists. The counselors’ in-depth knowledge of relationships is perfect for bringing mothers and daughters together again.


ReGain’s expert counselors represent that platform’s greatest strength. With years of experience and the requisite credentials, the therapists available have what it takes to bring your mother-daughter relationship around. They are also specialists in the minor details that define social interactions, giving them a greater chance of unearthing the root causes of any discord in the family.

ReGain’s platform was designed with relationships in mind. You and your daughter or mother will be able to access the private chat room simultaneously. This allows you to carry on a three-way conversation with your therapist in a virtual space, effectively recreating the dynamics of a traditional counseling session. By combining the benefits of open dialogue with the convenience of a remote model, ReGain allows you to get the most out of the mother-daughter counseling experience.


While online counseling is a great option for most folks in today’s busy world, some people might still prefer face-to-face interactions with therapists. This is especially true of older folks who aren’t completely comfortable with technology. While ReGain’s system is wonderfully intuitive and simple to use, it still requires a basic understanding of the internet and a certain level of comfort with remote interactions.


ReGain’s online mother-daughter therapy costs between $60 and $90 per week. The available billing options include Paypal and credit cards. You’ll be charged automatically after four weeks, and you’re welcome to cancel the subscription at the moment of your choosing.

Faithful Counseling: A christian counseling service online

Faithful Counseling: A christian counseling service online

Faithful Counseling is an online therapy service geared toward practicing Christians. If you want your counselor to address the issues in your mother-daughter relationship from a biblical perspective, then this is the platform for you. In addition to working as certified therapists, the counselors on the site are people of faith with a full understanding of Christianity. This puts them in the perfect postion to guide you and your daughter or mother toward a stronger relationship.


Faithful Counseling sets itself from other online services by providing therapists who are fully accredited, readily available, and spiritually informed. This makes them the perfect professionals to guide people of faith through the rocky moments in a mother-daughter relationship.

Mother-daughter counseling with a Christian focus is a great choice for many religious families. If faith is an important part of your life and worldview, a secular therapist might not be able to fully understand the context around your struggles. The Christian therapists from Faithful Counseling will be completely comfortable bringing God and the Bible into the conversation. In an increasingly secular world, it can be helpful to seek out areas where religion still has a place in the dialogue.


Like all online platforms, Faithful Counseling requires users to interact with their therapists through digital forms of communication. The platform might also be too specialized for some users. Faithful Counseling is designed to help practicing Christians who want faith to be a part of the counseling process. If both parties in the mother-daughter relationship aren’t comfortable with a discussion centered around faith, then it might be better to use a general counseling platform like BetterHelp or ReGain.


While the price of mother-daughter therapy on Faithful Counseling depends on your location and preferences, it always falls between $60 and $90 per week. You’ll be billed every four weeks, and you’re always free to cancel your subscription.

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Conclusion: Give mother-daughter therapy a chance

The licensed therapists from BetterHelp, ReGain, and Faithful Counseling have the expertise necessary to understand what’s causing the tension with your daughter or mother. No matter how much two people love each other, a certain amount of discord is likely to arise. This is true even of a relationship as intimate as that between a mother and her daughter. If your mother-daughter relationship is plagued by conflict, it might be time to give professional assistance a chance.


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