Being in a long-distant relationship is never easy, especially when tension begins to develop. While modern technology makes it possible to stay in touch like never before, fostering the sense of connection necessary in a romantic partnership is never simple when you don’t have a chance for in-person interactions. You’re far from alone if you feel your long-distance relationship is in danger of withering away.

Relationship counseling has long been an effective way for struggling couples to get back on track. While traditional, face-to-face counseling isn’t feasible for most long-distance relationships, online counseling can provide a workable alternative. Online providers like ReGain can put you and your partner into contact with a counselor even if you’re on opposite coasts. By providing all the benefits of traditional counseling in a remote setting, ReGain can help you bring a struggling long-distance relationship back from the brink.

Long-distance relationships: The complicated new normal?

As technology improves and people relocate in search of work or education, it seems more and more people are entering long-distance relationships. Love is love, and when the spark ignites, it doesn’t matter if one half of the relationship is about to move across the country.

You might be convinced you’ve met the love of your life, but career paths and economic necessities don’t always let you stay by the side of your significant other. There’s no reason, however, that distance needs to dampen your enthusiasm and ruin your relationship. With the right approach, you can keep the flames burning from a thousand miles away. Online counseling is often an integral part of an effective long-distance relationship strategy.

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How online counseling can rescue a long-distance relationship

How online counseling can rescue a long-distance relationship

Struggling long-distance relationships are often salvageable with the use of a professional counseling service like ReGain. Amorous partnerships are maintained with the little gestures, from kisses on the cheeks to reassuring shoulder rubs, that signal continued love and affection. Denied those gestures by the reality of physical distance, it’s only natural that a relationship would suffer.

There’s no reason to beat yourself up over long-distance relationship struggles. A lack of connection and a growing sense of tension are completely normal given the circumstances, and they don’t mean you’re not meant to be with your partner. Instead of throwing in the towel and moving on, summon the humility to admit that the situation might require professional assistance.

If you truly love your partner, then your long-distance relationship is worth saving. Don’t let the passion melt away when a proven solution is available. ReGain is a surefire way to work out the kinks that are choking your relationship. Sign up for the platform today to get matched with an accredited therapist and start your long-distance relationship counseling.

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The benefits of online counseling for long-distance relationship therapy

Some folks mistakenly believe that online counseling won’t prove as beneficial as traditional, in-person sessions. In reality, online counseling brings all sorts of benefits that traditional therapy can’t provide. This is especially true for long-distance relationships.

Online counseling with ReGain offers advantages in nearly every facet of the therapy process. From the flexibility of virtual communication to the affordable pricing, everything about the remote model benefits long-distance couples. These benefits combine to make online counseling an obvious solution for anyone whose long-distance relationship is stuck in a rut.

Flexible scheduling

When working with an online counseling service like ReGain, you can receive your couples therapy whenever it’s convenient for you and your partner. You won’t be stuck having to travel long distances or change your plans around in-person sessions. ReGain’s platform allows you to log on and send messages whenever you want. Both you and your partner can use your online chat room to maintain a running dialogue with your assigned therapist. This informal format allows you to work on your relationship without adding more stress to it. Even if you and your partner are on different schedules with disparate responsibilities, you’ll be able to come together on the platform.

Effective online format

ReGain’s format was designed with long-distance relationships in mind. Along with the assigned therapist, both partners will have access to a private chat room. This digital space will serve as the salon for all discussions about the relationship. Both partners will be able to log on and send messages whenever they wish. The therapist will then respond as soon as they can. This online format allows both halves of the relationship to access the counselor regardless of their work schedules or obligations. You’ll effectively inhabit the same room even while you’re hundreds of miles away.

A relaxed environment

A relaxed environment

Many people feel uncomfortable in a clinical setting. It’s completely normal to freeze up and remain silent when you find yourself in a therapist’s office. ReGain’s online platform allows you to communicate with a therapist in a much more relaxed environment. You can type messages to your counselor while sitting on your couch in your pajamas with a cup of coffee in your hand. You’ll also have all the time you need to reflect on what’s been said and come up with an appropriate response. This informal methodology takes a lot of the stress out of the counseling process. Discussions with a therapist usually involve talking about some sensitive, difficult issues. The conversation will be much more fruitful if you feel comfortable enough to share your true feelings.


Counseling is most effective when it’s conducted regularly. Therapists work hard to develop a useful dialogue and keep it moving forward, and a long lapse between sessions can undo all the difficult work that’s been done. Unfortunately, long-distance relationships make regular in-person sessions impossible. You can hardly join your partner once a week at the therapist’s office if you live hundreds of miles away. This is where online counseling comes up big. With constant access to your chat room on ReGain, you can maintain a consistent dialogue with your counselor. This will allow the successes to build off of each other until you experience significant gains.

An effective process

The most important aspect of any counseling service is that it brings results. Your purpose in signing up for a program is to improve your long-distance relationship. ReGain, with its licensed therapists and trademark accessibility, is known for helping couples make serious progress toward their goals. The counselors know how to foster a productive conversation and unearth the hidden reasons for romantic discord. They’re also adept at providing actionable recommendations. After a few weeks of counseling, you and your partner should find yourselves feeling noticeably closer than you had before.


While in-person couples therapy is often prohibitively expensive, online counseling is quite affordable. A subscription to ReGain’s counseling platform is only $60-$90 per month. This is an astonishingly low price for constant access to an accredited, experienced therapist. To receive a service so beneficial to your relationship for such a reasonable price represents an opportunity you shouldn’t hesitate to exploit. For the price of a dinner date, you can receive the help you need to get your relationship thriving once again.


While it’s understandable to be concerned about privacy when dealing with intimate personal details, there’s no reason to worry when you’re using a program like ReGain. The platform’s counselors are all consummate professionals committed to maintaining standards of confidentiality, and the system itself is entirely secure. All messages in the chats are encrypted, and your contact information remains perfectly guarded. These privacy measures give you the peace of mind you need to share information openly with your therapist.

Reviewable communication

In couples therapy, it’s often helpful to look back and reflect on what a counselor has said. While there’s no way to hear again what an in-person therapist has said out loud, online counseling allows you to reread messages in the chat room. If you can’t quite remember what your counselor or significant other has said, you can always go back to double-check. You can also read back through conversations to see if you’ve missed any vital information. This ability to reread material will allow you to really get the most out of your therapist’s every word.

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The bottom line

Maintaining a romantic partnership requires intimacy and spontaneity, both of which are difficult to come by in a long-term relationship. When your partner feels a million miles away and the passion begins to slip away, don’t condemn the relationship to the dustbin of history. A relationship that’s built on love and respect can still be salvaged, but it could require professional assistance. If you give online couples therapy a shot, it just might become the glue holding your long-distance relationship together.

Conclusion: Online counseling is perfect for long-distance couples

The online therapy provided by ReGain has all sorts of advantages for long-distance couples. It’s easy and comfortable to use, and it’s often effective at bringing relationships back to their fiery best. If you’re in the midst of a romance worth fighting for, don’t raise the white flag until you’ve given online therapy a chance. You never know what professional assistance could do for your long-distance relationship.

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